Histiocytosis Association of America

The Histiocytosis Association of America, created in 1986, promotes scientific research into the histiocytoses, seeking to develop better means of control and management of the diseases, and ultimately seeking to develop scientific means to prevent and cure them. Histiocytosis is a rare blood disease that is caused by an excess of white blood cells called histiocytes. The histiocytes cluster together and can attack the skin, bones, lung, liver, spleen, gums, ears, eyes, and/or the central nervous system. We provide solutions to some of the problems which are specific to patients suffering from this disease and to offer support to such patients and their families. We educate and promote education related to the histiocytoses.

Website: histio.org/site/c.kiKTL4PQLvF/b.1455363/k.BDFC/Home.htm
Email: Histiocyte@aol.com
Address: 332 North Broadway
Pitman, NJ 8071