the Samaritan House of Greenville, Inc.

Samaritan House is a non-profit venture for the distribution of donated food and grocery products to needy citizens in our neighborhood around the Augusta Road area, Greenville, SC.
Its purpose is to provide food and clothing to those in the neighborhood who are in need; especially available for those who have no transportation to go elsewhere. To coordinate this food distribution efforts for as many as five or more local churches into one central distribution center. Thus making it easier for the recipients and for those responsible for the distribution of the food. It will also provide a facility large enough to be able to obtain bulk food donations.

The Samaritan House will also serve as a referral and a resource center to help our clients become self-sufficient and off the welfare and assistance rolls.


We have been commissioned by Christ to “feed my sheep” and to care for His children. This is an opportunity for the churches and the citizens of the Augusta Road area to open its’ doors and hearts to those in need in this community. Those groups contributing and participating can become beacons of hope to this community for all who are in need to know love and caring and compassion.

Address: 105 Old Augusta Road
Greenville, SC 29605