AIDS Emergency Fund

Established in 1982 as the San Francisco AIDS Fund, AIDS Emergency Fund (AEF) provides critical financial assistance to people living with disabling HIV/AIDS. AEF provides grants up to $600 per year which are paid directly to providers for rent, telephone, medical equipment and supplies to low-income San Franciscans fighting HIV and AIDS. In 2003, AEF helped 2,410 people with HIV or AIDS with assistance totaling more than $1,300,000. In 2001, AEF launched a new initiative: Breast Cancer Emergency Fund (BCEF). Modeled on the successful work of AEF, the new breast cancer initiative honors the compassionate commitment of the caregivers of the women’s community who came to the aid of many gay men in the early years of the AIDS pandemic.

Address: 965 Mission Street Suite 630
San Francisco, 94103