First Place for Youth

Outcome data indicate that the First Place programs are having a positive impact on the lives of former foster youth in all aspects of their life:

Housing stability: 98 percent of all program participants avoided homelessness after entering our services. In addition, 84 percent of youth in the My First Place Program maintain safe, permanent housing after exiting the program and 84 percent of the highest-risk youth in First Foundation stabilized in their foster care placements after beginning to work with First Place.

Economic Security: 77 percent of eligible youth obtained employment and their average wage was $9.83 per hour. In addition, 95 percent of youth avoided accessing public benefits and 96 percent of youth avoided involvement with the criminal justice system.

Educational Attainment: 63 percent of First Foundation youth exited foster care with their high school diploma or equivalent (as compared to 46 percent nationally.) In addition, 52 percent of My First Place participants enrolled in post secondary education (as compared to 5 percent nationally).

Improved Health: 100 percent of participants secured health care while in our program. In addition, 99 percent of parenting youth retained custody of their children while in the program, and 95 percent of mothers did not have another baby.

Connection to the Community: 90 percent of participants report that they feel their Youth Advocate is there to support them in all aspects of their life, and 70 percent report that the program helps them feel like they are part of a community.

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