Group’s Lifetree Adventures

Group pioneered the service mission concept back in 1977. Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of teenagers (and adults!) grow closer to God.

But today’s world is different. And so are today’s teenagers. The stale, reheated same-old-same-old doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s time for something new … something so powerful it will change your kids’ lives forever.

Lifetree Adventures takes the best of everything that’s already been proven to work and refreshes it with a new and engaging emphasis on discipleship. With a new format focused on growing and activating faith, your teenagers will not only serve in significant, life-changing ways—they’ll experience what it means to become a real disciple. Serving with renewed purpose and growing closer to God—and each other—in a week saturated with Christ’s love. Exploring an intimacy with Jesus that truly transforms hearts.

We‘re creating experiences in multiple locations across the country and around the world for this summer and fall. Experiences designed to change your kids so deeply their parents may not recognize them when you return home. So whether your group consists of 100 kids, a family of four, or just one adult, reach out for more details.

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