Kansas Humane Society

One of the oldest non-profit organizations in the Wichita area, the Kansas Humane Society was founded in 1888. For over 100 years, the Kansas Humane Society has worked to promote and ensure the welfare of animals, shelter and adopt unwanted animals, provide humane education, and protect animals by enforcement of cruelty and animal welfare laws. Whether sick or well, friendly or aggressive, no animal is turned away. We receive over 13,000 animals each year and we have over twenty acres of land, dog and cat kennels, a pasture and barn, a meeting center, and offices. We were established to serve all companion animals and, at the Kansas Humane Society, these animals find concerned and kind staff and volunteers who give each animal the best care possible.

Website: kshumane.org
Address: 4218 Southeast Boulevard
Wichita, KS 67210