Lakota Journey

The Lakota Journey is a non-profit Christian organization affiliated with the EFCA. We focus on a week long ministry in June of each year as well as summer long internships spent on the reservation. During this week churches hold Kids Clubs and other ministries in communities throughout the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Indian Reservations.​

Groups that take part in the Lakota Journey enter a community on the Pine Ridge or Rosebud reservation and begin to experience life and ministry in the town. Through Kids Clubs, Basketball Camps, or other programs, friendships are formed and life-long relationships are built. The purpose of the Lakota Journey is not to visit a community, put on a program, and leave. Instead, it is to become a part of a community, returning every year to nurture relationships formed with its people and to continue to form new ones.

Groups can also nurture these relationships during the rest of the year when they are not on the reservation through letters and phone calls. These simple actions reflect the desire to be in relationship with the community year-round, not only for a week in the summer. The on-going component to the Lakota Journey is essential to the vision of the ministry.

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