Loving Grace Ministries

Loving Grace Ministries was founded in 1979 when Rev. Wayne Monbleau assumed stewardship of the live call-in prayer and counseling radio program he had been substitute host of for the previous two years. At that time “Let’s Talk About Jesus” was broadcasting over one station, New York’s WWDJ. Since 1979 “Let’s Talk About Jesus” has continued to grow and evolve as a six day a week (Monday – Saturday) hour of fellowship, prayer, teaching and counsel that now unites believers throughout the northeastern seaboard area, from Maine to Maryland. Today, Loving Grace Ministries serves its primary broadcast areas through personal ministry, hosting retreats, seminars and worship services.

Website: lovinggrace.org
Email: loving@lovinggrace.org
Address: P.O. Box 500
Lafayette, NJ 7848