Puget Sound Community School

Turning Passion into Achievement

PSCS was founded on the principle that learning is best fostered by self-motivation, self-regulation, and self-reflection. We believe that people become empowered by being free to pursue the knowledge they want to possess, by learning how to ask significant questions, and by structuring their time and activities as they best see fit. In this way, PSCS promotes the development of critical and creative thinking in students and helps them strengthen their sense of authority over what they study. The central educational purpose of PSCS, and the basis of our curriculum, is to help students learn to use their minds well while becoming thoughtful, sincere, and respectful global citizens.

Students work each year with an advisor to identify their short and long-term goals, and to plan for what they want to accomplish and how. Classes and activities are offered in response to direct student requests, or because a staff member or community volunteer has identified a significant topic they want to share. Students also participate in regular community service projects and field trips, and most complete multiple independent study projects during their time at PSCS. All of the traditional academic subjects are covered through this approach, which also helps students learn to understand and work with their own internal rhythm, pace, and speed.

At PSCS, we believe the best way for young people to develop 21st century skills is to be immersed in a collaborative educational community that respects and honors their individuality, challenges them to step outside their comfort zones, and encourages them to pursue those things that bring them joy. So honored, our students discover and learn to use their natural gifts. They develop a deep sense of self by creating meaningful expressions of their passions in the world. This humanistic approach allows students to experience personal success and fulfillment now, and in the future as capable engaged adults.

Website: pscs.org/
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Address: 660 S Dearborn St
Seattle, WA 98134