Utah Partnerships for Christ

We are equipping High School, College and Adult mission teams on how to effectively share grace and truth to our Mormon neighbors. After we lead you and your team through a 5-hour training session we sit down with leaders and prayerfully draw out an itinerary for your trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. We offer trips ranging from 5 to 10 days. In Utah teams are given opportunities to put what they have learned into action. Team members will be submerged into a culture unlike their own.

We also offer “free” days with all the activities Utah offers.

November – March we have a Ski & Share trip which includes skiing/snowboarding along with Evangelizing to the LDS culture.

From April – October we offer Hike & Share trip that includes hiking, rafting and/or mountain biking to compliment your time sharing Jesus with the lost population in Utah.

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