Voices For Children Foundation

Voices For Children Foundation was founded in 1984 by three Juvenile Court Judges who were moved by the vulnerability of the abused and neglected children who entered their courtrooms. Today, Voices is part of a unique collaboration with the 11th Judicial Circuit Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) Program, serving as its fundraising arm, with the goal of ensuring that a Guardian Ad Litem represent every abused child in Miami-Dade County. Voices also provides financial assistance to child victims for a variety of their needs, such as medical, dental and mental-health services, medication, food, clothing, furniture, school supplies, tutoring, day care, after-school care, eyeglasses, summer camp and more.

Website: voices4.org
Email: Admin@voices4.org
Address: 1500 Northwest Twelfth Avenue Suite 1117
Miami, FL 33136