White Center Food Bank

The White Center Food Bank (WCFB) was established in the mid 70s by St. James Lutheran and Highline United Methodist Churches when they realized the intense need for a food distribution program to help low-income, disadvantaged families and individuals. Families suddenly found themselves in need of emergency food when a dramatic downturn in the economy at the time forced companies to lay off thousands of workers.

Since its creation, the WCFB has seen a lot of changes in the community. In the 1980s, White Center experienced a huge influx of Cambodian, Vietnamese and East African refugees and immigrants. These new groups of people presented the food bank with new challenges. Staff dealt with families who did not speak, read or write English. These residents represented the poorest of the poor. The food bank began ordering different kinds of food supplies in order to accommodate the new cultures.

In 2004, the Board of Directors decided to hire a full time Executive Director and part-time Volunteer/Resource Coordinator to give focus and attention to expanding services.

In May of 2006, the food bank moved from its location to a brand new facility specifically designed to meet the needs of the community. Today the food bank has expanded its services, offering a senior day, cooking and nutrition classes and evening and Saturday distribution hours to the residents of White Center, Seattle, and Burien.

Website: whitecenterfoodbank.org
Email: rick@whitecenterfoodbank.org
Address: 10829 8th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98146