Wishing Well Foundation USA

The Wishing Well Foundation USA’s single goal is to bring joy to children with life threatening illnesses by providing them with their fondest wish in life. The Wishing Well Foundation USA was founded by Elwin and Lisbeth LeBeau after comforting their friend as best they could as their friend’s child’s life slowly ebbed away. The Foundation hopes to provide the family of the ill child with some special memories . . . Memories not of hospitals, doctors, and treatments but memories of a more carefree time; a time the child will cherish for as long as they live! The family will have fond memories of carefree days . . . the day their child was granted their fondest wish.

Website: wishingwellusa.org
Email: wellfoundation@bellsouth.net
Address: 3929 Veterans Memorial Boulevard Suite 303
Metairie, LA 70002