Women’s Funding Alliance

Women’s Funding Alliance (WFA) is the leading foundation in Washington state that invests in and advocates for women and girls. By strategically supporting marginalized and under-funded groups that promote progressive change for women and girls, we have a dramatic impact on their increased ability to serve our community.

Since our inception, WFA has invested in more than 100 organizations, most of them very small, in the Puget Sound region. Together these organizations form a community that is advancing the status of all women and girls. An important part of our work is assisting these groups by raising their profiles and articulating their needs to the greater funding community.

As a part of a global network of women’s funds focused on women-led solutions and investments for women and girls, WFA connects to women and girls programs across the nation and around the world. Learn more about our sister funds and the Women’s Funding Network visit: www.wfnet.org

Website: wfalliance.org
Email: wfa@wfalliance.org
Address: 500 Union St Suite 1000
Seattle, WA 98101