2019 Middle School group Summer Missions Trip

Trip By: Epic Missions
Location: United States, Northern America
When: Customizable: May-Aug 2019
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This Trip is custom designed for Middle School Teen Groups/students on summer break or as part of their study curriculum. High energy missions and optional day to Disney/Epcot/beach.

Customized Florida Missions trip for Middle School Teen Groups/students for Summer 2018 in Florida. We are located South Florida – below the Frost Line where it is sunny 300 days out of the year! This high energy trip is Sunday night to Friday. It includes 3 meals per day, overnight accommodations, Epic guide, and area missions to Food Bank, Soup Kitchen, Homeless Ministry, Tutoring to “at risk” kids, migrant farmers families, special needs children, neighborhood VBS and block party, ministry to rehab homes and optional Disney / Epcot / Beach Day of relaxation.

We are located right here in Florida and specialize in Florida missions. This trip is structured for Middle School Teen Groups / students. We have facilities for up to 50 people. Evening worship and afterglow – bring your guitars and cds for worship! All for $349 excluding your transportation and day of relaxation.

Separate areas for boys’ and girls’ dorms and advisor sleeping areas.