Affordable Mayan Yucatán Mission Lodging!

Trip By: DCI Missions
Location: Multiple Countries, Central America
When: Customizable: Jan-Dec 2019
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Mission trips to the Caribbean.
Serve at a missionary campus in the MAYAN YUCATAN

You will be part of a team painting a school for area children, conducting sports evangelism and doing block parties for area kids.

If the normal cookie cutter mission trip is not for you, if you are adventurous, if you like being around creative people and if a mission trip

outside the norm turns you on, then the DCI Caribbean program is for you!

You have the choice of coming solo or forming a group. You will be led by real Central America missionaries, who live in the country location where you are going. This makes your experience even better.

Food: A wonderful team of local women will be preparing and serving all meals. A mix of very tasty Caribbean Island and USA type foods will be served. DCI is well known for our great meals; there will be plenty to eat!

Awesome prices for groups! It Is Best To Call!

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