College group Short Term Missions in Florida

Trip By: Epic Missions
Location: United States, Northern America
When: Customizable: Jan-Dec 2019
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This Trip is custom designed for college students on break or as part of their study curriculum. High energy missions and optional day to Disney/Epcot/beach.

Customized Florida Missions trip for your college group in Florida in 2019. We are located South Florida – below the Frost Line where it is sunny 300 days out of the year! Lots of opportunities for evangelism, discipleship, and community engagement.

This trip is Sunday night to Friday and includes three meals per day, overnight accommodations, Epic guide, and area missions to Habitat for Humanity, local needy families, special needs children, ministry to rehab homes, minister and serve shut-ins and optional Disney/Epcot/Beach Days of relaxation.

At Epic Missions, we love our short term missionaries. We take good care of you and have a return rate of over 70% year after year. The options are endless and you get to CHOOSE how your team is to serve according to your ministry desires and talents! Epic Missions will house your team, feed you three delicious meals a day, and lead you on the trip of a life time!

We are located right here in Florida and specialize in Florida missions trips. This trip is structured for groups of 10 or more; we have facilities for up to 50 people. Optional evening worship and afterglow for relaxation and sharing – bring CDs and/or guitar to play! Fees are $349/person, excluding your transportation and days of relaxation.