Discipleship Interns – UK, Asia, Spain

Trip By: WEC International
Location: Multiple Regions
When: Customizable: Jan, May, Jun or Sep 2019
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Be Jesus to those longing to be free from addiction by working, living and worshiping alongside those whose broken lives are being restored.

An internship with Betel will provide you with practical hands-on training for a future in social work or social justice or longterm ministry. This is hands-on discipleship! Learn to apply the scriptures in a dynamic, inspiring and life-changing environment, and learn to live and serve in a multi-cultural community. Lead by humble example, apply your gifts by serving on worship teams, or applying business skills in Betel’s charitable businesses, and more. Whatever your skill, Betel’s diverse ministry environment will put it to work. We are needing more mechanics, tradesmen, accountants and book-keepers, media and marketing specialists, IT workers, medical staff, farm managers; in fact, any who are willing to serve! Live and serve in a culture different from your own.

You can take a look at the Betel Interns website www.betelinterns.org for more information. *Note* Inquiries through their Website do not reach us here at WEC USA, and you would not have the benefit of going through our orientation and debriefing processes. Please inquire below.