Global Builders Construction Trip to Ghana

Trip By: The Fuller Center for Housing
Location: Ghana, Western Africa
When: Customizable: Jan-Dec 2019
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Spend 1-2 weeks experiencing the world, meeting new people, and making a difference. You’ll love working alongside locals to help launch a new community in the Agomeda area near the outskirts of Accra

Ghana is known today for the friendlienss of its people, the warm welcome given to visitors and its cultural uniqueness and identity. Ghana stands as a stable, peace-loving nation that is the perfect introduction to a fascinating and beautiful continent.

Throughout Ghana there are many rural communities where families are still living in crumbling mud houses which were once used to provide shelter for extended family. These houses have poor drainage systems and when you combine that with torrential rains you get mud foundations that are being destroyed causing walls to collapse, often injuring those standing by. The Fuller Center Ghana is working to build safe, decent, and affordable homes for those in the community of Agomeda.

Participants will have the unique opportunity to work side by side with the homeowners and other locals to build these new homes. In addition to providing safe housing, these trips provide locals with jobs, help support the local economy and create a life-changing experience for all involved.

If you have a heart for combining service, traveling and experiencing new cultures than this trip is for you! The community you’ll work in and the people you’ll meet, make this an unforgettable experience!

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