Global Builders Construction Trip to Haiti

Trip By: The Fuller Center for Housing
Location: Haiti, Caribbean
When: Customizable: Jan-Dec 2019
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Participants will work alongside homeowners & other locals to build safe, decent homes. Trips also provide locals with jobs, support local economy & create life-changing experiences for all involved.

Pignon is a community of about 30,000 located in the Central Plateau of Haiti, established by a French tradesman in 1699 as on outpost on the border between the French controlled west and the Spanish-controlled east. Renowned for the beauty of its hillsides, it is yet in one of the poorest regions of Haiti. Families traditionally survive and earn income by traveling to their nearby fields, where they grow their own food as well as sugar cane for selling. We also build for families with underpaid professionals like teachers and nurses.

Many of these families own their own land and begin purchasing materials like concrete blocks in order to build their home over time, but need a helping hand and opportunity to expedite the process for them and their kids.

The Fuller Center will help by constructing simple, decent affordable homes with families based on their needs and income, repaid on a no-profit, no-interest basis. Participants will get to assist in the building of these homes by working alongside the local workers and the families.

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