Internship: Share the Gospel while Teaching English in Brazil

Trip By: WorldVenture
Location: Brazil, South America
When: Customizable: Feb-Dec 2019
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Use your TESOL/ESL teaching skills to share Christ.

Restoration Ministries exists to transform underprivileged children and their communities through the good news of Jesus Christ, equipping them to serve. We have a great need for native English speakers to teach and practice English with students in our English School. We offer free classes to kids in the slums, and additionally have started a Business-as-Mission offering fee-based English classes to adults who can afford them. Our curriculum is Bible-based, engaging in transformational teaching and discipleship, while helping students move towards personal and professional growth.


College student or graduate. A major in Education, English, Intercultural Studies, TESOL, or Youth Ministry, is preferred but not required, depending on the class format teacher/intern will be involved.

Some experience with language teaching is helpful, and some ministry teaching experience as well (Sunday School, VBS, Bible clubs, Bible study, Small groups, etc.)

We are looking for someone who will build relationships, is evangelistically oriented, motivational, interested in learning and teaching language, and flexible.

*Must be a US Citizen or US Permanent Resident.


Teach for a minimum of 2 weeks up to one year. There are different English class formats and they require different skills, therefore the type of class the teacher/intern will be involved depends on his/her competences and knowledge. Most all teachers/interns will be able to:

– Assist local Brazilian teachers in English classes

– Help to plan, organize, and execute ‘immersion classes’ that help students practice language based on real-world scenarios

– Lead content-specific classes in English, such as Bible studies, cooking, or craft classes (there are many class theme possibilities)

– Help to lead, organize, and execute school events

– Attend teacher staff meetings

– Fulfill teaching procedures and responsibilities (reports, feedback, homework, projects, etc.)

– Assist in other RM Ministry areas when English classes are not in session such as Camp California, Agita (children program), home visits, events, evangelism, etc.

– Depending on your skills and experience, we welcome you to develop a special project during your time in Brazil.

– To lead our “Core English Classes” a TESOL (EFL/ESL) major (graduate or student) is required or language teaching experience.




Portuguese, English


Teachers/interns will live either in church dorms or in a family home, depending on availability. If living at the church, the person will be responsible for cooking their own food. Groceries are within walking distance, and the kitchen is stocked with all needed supplies. If living with a family, the individual will adjust to the family routine and/or cook your own food if it is needed.


The purpose of this internship is to mobilize teachers/interns into a life of mission. The teacher/intern will be given encouragement on soul care and necessary support on teaching and ministry areas by Restoration Ministries leadership.

The English school course schedule is from the first week of February to the last week of June, and the first week of August to the second week of December. The month of July, we offer specific optional classes through the school break.

Teachers/ interns are expected to arrive at least 5 days early for orientation and training.