Kids’ Club Worker in Costa Rica

Trip By: Christ For the City International
Location: Costa Rica, Central America
When: Customizable: Jan-Dec 2019
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If you love kids, Christ For the City – Costa Rica’s children’s programs are the perfect place for you to share the love of God with kids coming from poverty, broken homes, and hopelessness!

For many people, Costa Rica calls to mind beautiful beaches and gorgeous canopy tours through the rainforest. While Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations in Latin America, it is also home to many families living in extreme poverty. Christ For the City missionaries intentionally seek out those living in the worst kind of poverty and hopelessness. To this end, many CFCI ministries in San Jose, Costa Rica are focused in the city’s largest slums, areas that are rife with crime, drugs, and prostitution.

In the midst of the drugs and prostitution are the children of these slums. They often have little food, don’t receive much attention from their families, and have little chance of receiving a real education. Kids’ Clubs are one way in which CFCI is reaching out to these children. CFCI ministries target these children with the hope of bringing them food, friends, activities, and most importantly, a chance to hear God’s Word and learn of His love for them.

Through participation in our Kids’ Clubs, you can have a life changing impact on children living without hope. Using crafts, games, sports, and Bible stories as a vehicle to build relationships with these children you will have the chance to share Jesus with them, an experience which will impact your life as much as the lives of the children you are serving.