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Trip By: DCI Missions
Location: Multiple Countries, Central America
When: Approx: Jun-Aug 2019
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Last Minute Mission Trips… If the normal cookie cutter mission trip is not for you, if you are adventurous, and if a mission trip outside the norm turns you on, then the DCI program is for you!

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[Land of the Maya] Family Mission Trip Lodging.

We invite you to lodge at our Yucatan Guest House. We Specialize in Mission Training in Belize, Guatemala and the Yucatan.

Because we are missionaries, you have the choice of picking your own dates that work with your schedule.

SMART REASONS TO CHOOSE DCI FOR YOUR SHORT TERM MISSION TRIP: DCI owns the campus where you will lodge. Unfortunately, there are many people who take mission trips that have bad experiences because the organization used a borrowed location such as a school, church or cheap motel for people to lodge. Many times they make people sleep on a floor. That’s not the best way to experience a third world country! At DCI’s mission sites you are guaranteed nice clean missions housing with a bed, A/C and a bathroom. Very comfortable sleeping arrangements where you can safely rest. Choosing a mission organization you should always ask about your sleeping conditions. In this way, there are no surprises on arrival. At DCI, your senior leaders are full time in-country living staff. Your DCI leaders on a DCI mission trip have years of experience leading teams, unlike many organizations you find on the web that use people as team leaders, people trying to raise a little extra cash, a person who doesn’t even live in the country where you are going. At DCI your senior leaders live and work in the land of the Maya. They know the people and culture of the region, this makes your experience even.

Last Minute Mission Trip Sign-up

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