Low Cost Mission Trips!

Trip By: DCI Missions
Location: Multiple Countries, Multiple Regions
When: Approx: Jun-Aug 2019
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Our campus are perfect for large teams. After a long day of missionary service, people find that the properties are a beautiful, peaceful setting to rest and enjoy one another’s company.

This trip is perfect for a team of 3 or more who has a heart to paint a school for area children. A team whose desire is to conduct sports evangelism and block parties for area kids. If the normal cookie cutter mission trip is not for you, if you are adventurous, if you like being around creative people and if a mission trip

outside the norm turns you on, then the DCI (Land of the Mayans) program is for your team.

The State of the Yucatan is Extremely Safe. 135 miles West from the Craziness of Cancun Making the Area of the Yucatan a Perfect Location for Families and Mission Teams.