Metropolitan Ministry Opportunity in Seattle, WA

Trip By: RP Missions
Location: United States, Northern America
When: Approx: Jun or Jul 2020
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Providing team members the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence to pursue urban and suburban ministry.

As you read the book of Hebrews, it is interesting to note how the writer directs our attention back to several things:

First, God has given us a great gift in His Word which testifies to His faithfulness and gives us confidence that all God’s promises are kept and allow us to place our trust in them as if they are already fully met. Second, the writer continually points out to us the supremacy of Jesus Christ so that we would appreciate even more the types and shadows of the Old Testament and their fulfillment in Christ, our Savior. Third, by the time you get to chapter 12 we see God explain to us the purpose of His disciplining those He loves and what is the fruit He desires to see in His Church. Fourth, by chapter 13 we see the great gift of God in the godly leaders He provides His church. These godly leaders are those who faithfully proclaim the Word of God to His people, those whose lives unto the end are focused on and trusting in Christ alone. With this in mind, RP Missions seeks to provide you with opportunities to serve Christ through His churches around the world and to benefit from working alongside some faithful servants who are seeking to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. I hope you will consider lending a hand on this mission. Below you will find a short description of this upcoming trip.

This team will be working in the the heart of Seattle, Washington. The team will be serving a small congregation by organizing a Vacation Bible school, distributing invitations around the community and various other outreach projects. Many hours will be spent out in the community making contacts and sharing the gospel with the hopes of seeing people drawn to the church for further study and growth. If yo have ever shied from outreach, this is a great trip to bolster your confidence as you see the power of the gospel demonstrated in the lives of those who are reached. Those who would participate on this team need to be prepared to labor tirelessly. The team will get to know this congregation and much will be expected of each team member. But the efforts invested will come back to you many times greater as you learn how the gifts God has given you might be incorporated into the body of Christ. Ages: 16 and up. Size of team: Up to 7 participants Cost: $700 (includes food, lodging, and materials but not travel to and from location)