Mobilize to serve as a missions intern in Zambia!

Trip By: Action International Ministries
Location: Zambia, Southern Africa
When: Customizable: Jan-Dec 2019
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Combine your heart to share the Gospel with your love of sports by serving at Camp Ciyanjano. Lead youth to Christ, then disciple and train them to be leaders in their local church and community!



Q & A with ACTION missionary Kelly Huckaby

What are some ministry tasks that you want the intern to accomplish while serving with you?

First, we’re hoping for an intern to disciple and train a group of Zambian youth to disciple and evangelize children. They would be responsible for developing and implementing a culturally appropriate training book for Zambian youth workers. These youth workers could go on to be cabin counselors for ACTION Zambia ministry at Camp Ciyanjano and the intern would act as their mentor! Secondly, we’re hoping for an intern that can help develop and implement camping programs for children. This intern would be responsible for creating a camp theme, games and quiet times for a 3-4 night camp for Zambian children!

What are some key lessons from your ministry and walk with the Lord that you want to impart to the interns to help them as they consider their own individual call to missions or vocational ministry?

Key lessons would be:

the importance of regular and structured Bible study

how to lead a bible study for people from a different culture when the desired outcome is multiplied discipleship

the importance of learning and understanding your host culture and how to address differences in culture while pointing to Scripture as our source of knowledge about what is good and bad about any culture

how to build relationships cross-culturally and share the gospel in those relationships

What criteria do you use to measure the effectiveness of an intern serving with you?

As of now Camp Ciyanjano does not have formalized criteria for interns. However, we would develop one that focuses on completing given tasks, building relationships, learning culture and producing reusable materials based on their experience.

What would a typical day look like?

For any intern there would be a large element of understanding culture and context of the youth they were working with. So whether developing a mentoring/discipleship program or creating a camping program the day would look similar.

Please list specific skills an intern may expect to develop by the time the internship is completed.

First, it will be a great opportunity to see if career missions is part of their calling in life. They’ll have an opportunity to work and live cross-culturally with a missionary team and with Zambian nationals. Specific skills will depend on the intern’s desire to interact and learn a new culture and will depend on the task.