Spread Love and Hope on a Life-Changing Trip to Romania (May)

Trip By: Hope 4 Kids International
Location: Multiple Countries, Multiple Regions
When: Approx: May 2020
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Restore hope around the world by empowering kids to break the cycle of extreme poverty through outreaches such as medical, educational, food, sports, construction, and so much more!

Be a difference maker!

Where is your passion? Medicine? Education? Construction? Art? Spreading love? Hope 4 Kids International offers a variety of opportunities to give you a well-rounded mission experience.

Although Romania has been thriving since the fall of communism of 1989, many people, mainly Gypsies, are still suffering today. Gypsies are largely discriminated against within Romania and suffer from lack of resources. Although the government technically provides for much of their healthcare, Gypsies are oftentimes turned away from physicians; their rights are continually violate.; Being thrown out of stores and rejected from schools and medical clinics, these “untouchables” of Europe are living a life of hopelessness.

On a mission trip to Romania, you’ll have the opportunity to serve in a number of different areas, including playing with children, serving food to children and the elderly in the community, helping at medical outreaches, delivering supplies, helping with construction projects, and so much more! Each trip is unique and supports our long term partners and programs.

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