Use Arts and Crafts to Share God’s Love

Trip By: LEAMIS International Ministries
Location: Kenya, Eastern Africa
When: Customizable: Jan-Nov 2019
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Poverty is more than a lack of money. One of its many outcomes is that it steals the opportunity for creativity, lowering one’s sense of self-worth.

Your crafts and hobbies can be turned into a tangible way of sharing God’s love and help break the cycle of poverty.

A basic workshop on making sellable items with recycled and other materials can have a huge impact on the people living in the community where you will be working. LEAMIS has a large selection of arts and crafts that you can add to your own projects.

In addition to learning a new skill, ideas will be shared on how to market the items made.The long-term goal of this workshop is to help students learn how a craft can be turned into a self-sustaining “cottage industry.”

LEAMIS will help you with your workshop agenda, craft ideas, and marketing possibilities.

While you are in Kenya, you may want to extend your trip a few days and take advantage of their many safari opportunities.

Through such projects, LEAMIS promotes transformational development by empowering local pastors and believers with the tools and resources they need to impact their communities for Christ. The goal is to multiply the impact by empowering local persons to share what they know with others rather than depending on outside help.

Transformation addresses the spiritual need of recovering our true identity as humans created in the image of God and restoring relationships with God, ourselves, our community and the environment.

Development speaks to discovering our true vocation as productive stewards, faithfully caring for the world and all the people in it. As such, we seek to assist others in developing self-sustaining means to achieve this.