Global Builders Construction Trip to Bolivia

Trip By: The Fuller Center for Housing
Location: Bolivia, South America
When: Customizable: Mar-Dec 2019
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Join others from around the U.S. to spend a week in the city of La Paz where you’ll be building homes with families who are farmers/day laborers at various factories in La Paz.

Bolivia is a country that’s full of hope, optimism and more recently, signs of progress. Buildings are being built, roads are being paved and extended, and power is reaching increasingly more people as the the economy grows at a robust rate. The current political environment is encouraging inclusion and embracing the diversity of its long neglected or oppressed indigenous groups. On the streets in the area you will see side-by-side those who are dressed in modern Western clothing and those dressed with the traditional garb of the indigenous groups. Nevertheless, a nation’s development does not occur overnight, and this generation has a great need for helping hands bringing affordable housing.

Participants will have the unique opportunity to work side by side with the homeowners and other locals to build these new homes. We will be building mostly new homes in the El Alto area. The homes will be built with bricks and will typically be around 750 square feet. The families will typically be ones that have around three kids and two parents as well as a number of single moms. Many of the families earn their income through growing fruits and vegetables which they sell in the markets called ferias. Others work as laborers in the various industries located in La Paz and El Alto.

While our work site is an active construction zone, it is also an active neighborhood with many families kids who you will have the opportunity to interact with and get to know. You will also have one day of the week in which you can rest or go sight seeing. Sight-seeing opportunities include city tours of La Paz, Valley of the Moon, local markets, cultural music and dance programs, and a trip to Lake Titicaca.

If you have a heart for combining service, traveling and experiencing new cultures than this trip is for you! You get to experience the joy of giving a family a light of hope by providing them with a home and helping them take a step towards a better life!

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