Teaching Conversational English in Taiwan

Trip By: RP Missions
Location: Taiwan, Eastern Asia
When: July 5 – 26, 2019
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Using the Bible and various activities, you will work with high school, college and seminary students to further develop their English skills and build relationships

RP Missions is looking for individuals who have a knowledge and love of God’s Word and an understanding Reformed Theology to come alongside these three Reformed congregations in the Taipei area. Special preference is given to men and women who are members in good standing in member denominations of the International Council for Reformed Churches (ICRC) or member denominations of the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Churches (NAPARC). Exceptions may be made for applicants coming from denominations outside of those member churches based on the strength of the application and references.

As our aim is to come alongside our host congregations, this will help to assure that we teach and evangelize in such a way that we will compliment their efforts.

This mission team will have the privilege of working with Taiwanese students who already have some English skills to help them strengthen those skills via Bible studies, discussions, games, and relationship building activities. This trip provides you with an opportunity to sharpen your discipleship and mentoring skills while also getting to know another culture and corner of Christ’s Kingdom.