Need for Tutors and Teachers at an Orphan School in Kenya–8 Weeks & You Choose When!

Trip By: COMMIT Ministries International
Location: Kenya, Eastern Africa
When: Customizable: Jan-Sep 2019
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This opportunity is open to all ages and all countries! Your trip fee is $4185.00 and includes RT airfare! Assist teachers and primary/secondary students at a rural school in Western Province Kenya.

This opportunity is open to all ages and all countries! Your trip fee is $4185.00 and includes Round Trip airfare from most major hub cities! Your help is needed to assist teachers and several hundred students at rural primary and secondary schools in Western Province Kenya. This tutor opportunity is ideal for anyone caring to be of genuine help including teachers, teacher aides, student teachers, and those who are just wanting to be of help! Your trip fee includes ground and air transportation in Kenya, most meals, host lodging, some sightseeing, and participation with one or two short-term ministry teams. The schools where you will work were started as a result of a “God-given” vision of the community on behalf of many of the children who were orphaned by the HIV/AIDS virus. The children are struggling with their personal loss and some have fallen behind in their school studies. Many struggle with English but others need help with Civics, Business, Computer skills, Math (all levels), Biology, Science, and Christian Education. You have a lot to offer and no experience is required. You must have a valid passport to enter Kenya, purchase a tourist visa ($50 US) at the time you enter the country, and possess a caring and patient heart. You will need to purchase travel/health insurance (about $2.50 a day on the average) and complete a 12 part devotional before leaving for Kenya. Debriefing is provided almost daily as well as spiritual reinforcement and any special assistance or advice that you may need. You will be staying with a local family, probably one of the teachers or principals, and be overseen by school administration staff and our country director in the immediate area. Since this is a longer-term time investment, the candidates will first be screened by a seven-member committee and your hosts in Kenya. All deposit funds will be credited to your trip fee balance upon acceptance and returned to you in the unlikely event that you are not accepted. This is one of the most needed projects we address each year and is certain to change your life!